There Are Cats in This Post

Allergic to cats? Love cats, but can't keep them in your apartment? Want to prepare your child for the fun of owning cats? Then, here's the book for you: There Are Cats in This Book by Viviane Schwarz (Candlewick Press).

A novelty book that delivers (sadly, many don't), There Are Cats in This Book keeps readers busy following the playful requests of Tiny, Moonpie, and Andre. My son nearly threw the ball of yarn off the page! "What? How's that possible?" you ask. That's why you've got to pick up this book.

The ending also sets this up as a purr-fect bedtime companion. "P.S. There are fish in this book, too." And I must say that they are gorgeous.

If you're part of a KnitLit group (it's a kniterary literary thing), then you can knit the cats from this book by clicking here. Want to see what else the talented Ms. Schwarz is up to? Click here.