Los Angeles Public Library Mural

In 1995, muralist Luis Becerra created Libraries Educate, Government Makes Cutbacks on two exterior walls of the Arroyo Seco Regional Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Above is a detail of the mural depicting poet Maya Angelou.

In 2003, a new library was erected, and the mural was moved (i.e., two exterior walls) to its new location at the west end of the current library's parking lot. Click here to see images of the mural in its original location.

If you live in Los Angeles, or plan on visiting someday, put this mural on your list of must-sees. Besides, the Arroyo Seco Regional Branch Library is an architecturally-pleasing destination in and of itself. Click here to see photos of this Craftsman style library.

A library card wields much power,

especially in a world that favors controlled thought over free thought.

I'd love for the above image to be on my library card!

The next generation takes it in.
Click here for more information about the mural.
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