Librarypalooza! Burbank Public Library: Buena Vista Branch

In honor of Presidents' Day, Sudo Nimm and I are spotlighting the Buena Vista Branch of the Burbank Public Library. "Why?" you ask. That's easy. Check out the above photo.

The library is adjacent to Lincoln Park. Completed in 2002, the site features the bust of a "Thinkin' Lincoln" and grassy, tree-covered areas perfect for a picnic with picture books.
The enclosed play area is designed primarily for the toddler set and includes heaps of communal toys at the time of this posting.

When you're ready to visit the library to read picture books about Abraham Lincoln and other past Presidents, be sure to check out this public art sculpture of a boy reading a stained glass book.

Hop on in across the stones like this little guy, and you'll be on your way to a sylvan reading experience. Once you're done reading about Presidents, you'll want to snuggle in with books about forests and their creatures.

This tree should help set the mood. Look up to find all sorts of critters hiding among the leaves. I hope you're not afraid of snakes.

Hey, librarians! Wouldn't you love having these art tiles adorn your reference desk?

Here's an amazing reading room. Complete with clouded high ceilings and ample windows for natural lighting, you won't want to leave come closing time. Is that a real skunk in the picture? You're going to have to visit the library and find out.
With palm trees outside and pine trees inside, there's no mistaking you're in sunny Southern California. Nestle into the "mountainous" seat backs in this reading room and feel free to travel anywhere else your imagination fancies.
Are there any other forest-themed children's libraries out there? Comment and let us know. Thanks!