Jacket art © Jennifer Yerkes

by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Jennifer Yerkes
ISBN: 978-1-5253-0015-8

In this clever book, a green lion is waiting at a red traffic light. While he waits, a series of unexpected events occur, involving such things as lightning, a lilac, library books and lima beans. Or rather, “li-ghtning,” “li-lac,” “li-brary books,” and “li-ma beans” because the text on each spread ends with “Red light, green li-,” and the reader must turn the page to see the whole word --- and what's happened. All the while, the lion calmly and helpfully deals with whatever shows up (even loading livestock into a lifeboat!) and wryly muses about the way life can be. 


“Funny, helpful, empathetic, accessible, and perfect for an interactive group read-aloud or quiet contemplation under the covers.”
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review, March 2019
“For a lighthearted, fun read-aloud, this is a great fit.”
— School Library Journal, June 2019

Jacket art © Macky Pamintuan

by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Macky Pamintuan
ISBN: 978-1-6196-3357-5

In the spirit of the movie Madagascar, thrill-seeking animals take a wild ride to the moon and back in this kid-friendly story full of adventure and humor.
3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . blastoff!
When the animals at the zoo spot a rocket ship, next stop . . . the moon!

Zoo zoom!
Each animal has a job to do, but a sleepy rhino could cause trouble.

Zoo boom!
They'll need to act quick . . . will they make it home?

Zoo soon!
With clever wordplay and vibrant illustrations, this intergalactic adventure is sure to fire the imagination.
Zoo vroom!


"A zany aerospace adventure . . . While younger preschoolers will be captivated with the combination of rhyming wordplay and hilarious illustrations, older readers may be more inquisitive and find all the matching rhymes. Designed to be interactive, Zoo Zoom! is a great addition for home and library collections, particularly as a read-aloud selection." - Booklist
"Pamintuan’s illustrations feature colorful cartoons reminiscent of the Disney cartoons from the 1990s. The style perfectly complements the tone of the book and adds an extra layer of humor that will appeal to children . . . A funny picture book addition." - School Library Journal
"An agreeable book to entice space enthusiasts as well as animal lovers." - Kirkus Reviews

Jacket art © Stephanie Ruble

by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Stephanie Ruble
ISBN: 978-1-4231-7591-9

EWE was a sheep with a feel for wheels. AYE was a lemur with a thing for wings. BUT it wasn't until Ewe and Aye found one another that things really got off the ground. Whimsical word play and heartfelt humor work hand-in-hand in this irresistibly vibrant celebration of the unlimited possibilities of togetherness.


"A sporty sheep and an equally sporty primate find a way to realize a common aspiration: to fly. New readers will find the homophones appealing and the brief text amusing... Lots of fun." - Kirkus Reviews

"Ryan's text celebrates the strengths of both characters but emphasizes the success that can come when two people share ideas. Older readers will delight in the clever wordplay throughout the narration and the spectacular failures of Ewe and Aye's experiments. Positive and inspirational, this will strike a chord with young readers who have big dreams." - Booklist

 Jacket art © Mike Lowery

by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Mike Lowery
ISBN: 978-0-8027-2337-6
You can visit Mike Lowery at

Cow and Owl are best friends. Moo Hoo! They do everything together, like make music. Two Coo! But when a stranger arrives—Roo New!—the two friends must decide whether their group can expand to form a New True Crew.


"'Woo hoo!' A winning display of finding the high ground and paved with particularly sweet verbal compression."—Kirkus Reviews

 "...deftly and delightfully incorporates spare text, simply rendered art, and a supportively portrayed, kid-resonating topic...Overall, this is an enjoyable read (and read-aloud) with a positive, well-conveyed message, which highlights 'the more the merrier' nature of friendship." —Booklist

"Emphasizing simplicity and sound, Ryan and Lowery cover the basics of friendship."—Publishers Weekly

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 Jacket art © Mike Lowery

by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Mike Lowery
ISBN: 978-0-8027-2180-8
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"Frog and Bunny are best friends.
Ribbit Rabbit.  Rabbit Ribbit.

But what happens when they get in a fight?
Ribbit Rabbit.  Yip it, yap it.

You'll have to read the book to find out!
Ribbit Rabbit.  Grip it, grab it."---
From the publisher


"The rhythmic, onomatopoeic text is a pretty music, the kind of song you’d sing in the dark to lift your spirits. Equally joyful and engaging—and that’s a tall order—is Lowery’s artwork. It has a childlike, elemental tone, with neat planes of color, but it is wonderfully, touchingly emotive. Best of all, Frog and Bunny have the radiant good cheer of a sock monkey, a mingling of the ridiculous with the sublime for a spellbinding effect."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“This gentle examination of the ups and downs of friendship offers a thoughtful lesson on admitting error and seeking resolution, and listeners will applaud the twosome’s success in working through their problem.”—BCCB

"What makes Ryan’s text unique is its simplicity... This economy of language makes it ideal for reading aloud or for beginning readers. However, the illustrations marry well with the text, and fill in the narrative where the writing leaves it open."—School Library Journal

Jacket art © Nathan Hale

by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Nathan Hale
ISBN: 978-0-8027-9828-2 
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"Jeremy's teacher, Mrs. Nuddles, thinks he belongs in a zoo- and she isn't far from the truth!  Jeremy lives in an animal house, where he hangs out in his kangaroom, gets his food from the refrigergator, and puts his clothes in a hampster.  When Mrs. Nuddles comes to visit, she finds that everything in Jeremy's home is alive...and sometimes the animals get a little rowdy- especially when they have guests!

Young readers will delight in the silly, imaginative wordplay and the bright, detailed illustrations of this wild story.  And eagle-eyed readers will want to pore over it again and again to find every hidden animal in the animal house."--
From the publisher


"Ryan has so much fun coming up with increasingly ridiculous wildlife that it’s to Hale’s credit that his fine-tipped acrylics can keep up with the punny pandemonium. This book will stand up to multiple rereadings."
Kirkus Reviews

"...the use of portmanteau is clever, and the large, acrylic illustrations are imaginative, bringing each part of the animal house to life..."
School Library Journal


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