Librarypalooza! Huntington Beach Public Library

Do you love water and books? Then the Huntington Beach Public Library is for you. Located at 7111 Talbert Avenue in Huntington Beach, California, there's so much water in this library that you'll want to bring a bathing suit along with your library card.

In the photo above, you're looking at an actual salt water aquarium, not an amazing trompe l'oeil vinyl decal. Plus, there's a cool, bubbly water column that flanks the sides and top of the entryway to the Children's Department.

Here's a lovely fountain in front of the library. His more informal brother wraps around the library's backside.

Not enough water for you, yet? There's a super cool indoor fountain inside the library. No pictures here. You're going to have to see it yourself.

Of course, what would water be without something to navigate? Kids can access this ship through an opening on the opposite side pictured.

Sharks have been known to frequent these carpeted waters, so reader-sailors are kindly reminded not to climb on the boat.

For Stuart Little's relatives, they can play on this impressive model ship and fight off monster books across the seven seas.

Any Cooper Edens fans out there like myself? Here's one panel from a tapestry inspired by the book If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow. It hangs on a wall in the Children's Department, just waiting to fill you with whimsy.

Perched on top of a glass case are the two sentries of the Children's Department-- a Lego Statue of Liberty and a meerkat family (because Groundhog Day was just around the corner, these might also be groundhog stand-ins. But don't tell the meerkats I said that).

I included this photo because of the "skeleton leaves" glass panels. Aren't they too cool? I'm guessing they're Pella. I know because we had some windows with these inserts installed almost exactly one year ago. I get to see them everyday!

Am I talking about my windows again? I'm too in love with them. Anyway, check out the Huntington Beach Public Library, especially around the time of the annual Authors Festival. You'll be glad you did.