ANIMAL HOUSE Green Art Activity at Santa Monica Public Library

Thanks to all the hard work of ultra-organized Children's Librarian Christa Muscatine, the Santa Monica Public Library's Creative Kids' Club was a smashing success on February 16th!

Lots of wonderful folks donated "green" art materials so that kids could create their very own "furnimals" based on the ones in Animal House. Some extra-creative kids even dreamed up their own.

A pair of snailboxes.

A hampster and a refrigergator.

A hampster.

One cute furnimal!

Elepants before a trunk extension.

A toucan of soda complete with straw.

A cowch and a refrigergator.

A dragon + drum = dragum (imaginative kid creation)

A catstle (imaginative kid creation).

A salt snaker (imaginative kid creation).

A catstle (imaginative kid creation).

A caterpillow (imaginative kid creation).

A trio of critters, including a hampster in the center with an articulating mouth.

A kangaroom.

A hampster and unfinished sculpture. "Do I have to go home now?"

I Love L.A.!

This was a two-minute drive from my house yesterday. God, I love L.A.! (Those are the San Gabriel Mountains, by the way).

Happy Birthday, RIBBIT RABBIT!

One salmon onigiri and Ramune coming up! Only the best for my book... (thanks Suehiro and Little Tokyo:-)

We communed with cormorants much of the day. Who knew they were such fans of kidlit? Yes, happy times on the L.A. River in the Year of the Rabbit!