Librarypalooza! Los Angeles Public Library: Arroyo Seco Regional Branch

Situated in the Highland Park neighborhood of northeast Los Angeles, the Arroyo Seco Regional Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is a beautiful Arts & Crafts destination for book lovers. Additional photos of the library can be seen here.

Remember the amazing library mural we featured on the blog recently? This is where it lives.
The above photo features the Children's Room. It almost looks too tidy, doesn't it? Send some kids, quick!

Here's the "storytime room," complete with a classic Arts & Crafts rocker and a cute child prop.

This is a totally staged photo. I directed the cute child prop to color-coordinate his outfit to Goodnight, Moon. Well, not really... but it worked out nicely, huh?

Conveniently, a park lies adjacent to the library. When you need to slide even further into your imagination, here's the place to do it.
Currently, the Arroyo Seco Regional Branch Library features fortune telling classes for adults and LACMA-run art classes for kids.
I suppose these programs really go hand-in-hand for those parents who want to divine if their child will be the next Rene Magritte. Hmmm... maybe that's not such a bad idea.