Librarypalooza! Glendale Public Library: Montrose-Crescenta Branch

The Montrose-Crescenta Branch of the Glendale Public Library is a cozy little spot located on the west end of the Montrose Shopping Park.

Adjacent to a fire station, the library ties in nicely as a follow-up destination from a firehouse tour. Maybe even search for some fireman-specific picture books?

The above photo features the Children's Department Reading Room.

This friendly giraffe sees if library patrons "measure up." The little guy passed inspection, thankfully.

Three baskets of eager puppets await flights of fancy. "Any hand will do."

This little guy is a letter herder. His job is to help collect all the letters that have fallen out of picture books. He makes about $932.00 a day. I'm clearly in the wrong business.

This treasure map may be the single most important reason to visit the Montrose-Crescenta Branch Library. Normally guarded fiercely by the puppets, this letter herder ably captured it from their secret cranny.
Only the true of art can follow its precipitous paths to untold treasures.
The letter herder receives special sonar transmissions from a pod of Beluga whales, who may have an inkling of where the treasure is.
Stay tuned... or, better yet, visit your local library today to find treasures of your own!