Seuss-athon: ¡Celebre el Cumpleaños del Gato con Sombrero!

Party #2 of this week's Seuss-athon was held at the Cypress Park Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Serving a largely bilingual population, the Cypress Park Branch children's collection contains many Dr. Seuss books translated into Spanish.

¡Celebre el Cumpleaños del Gato con Sombrero! Tipping a hat to the Good Doctor's famous feline creation, the Cypress Park Branch also honored the 40th anniversary of The Cat in the Hat. ¡Viva el Gato!

The library's Seuss-celebration featured a Horton Hears a Who! craft project,

modeled here by a die-hard Seuss fan.

As if the elephant ears couldn't be topped, we were treated to the original 1970 Chuck Jones animated T.V. special, Horton Hears a Who!
Thanks to the planning and organizing of Children's Librarian Miss Alicia, we had popcorn* and fruit juice to carry us through the adventures of Horton and his "speck of dust."
Among our take-home goodies, Miss Alicia hooked us up with some Shel Silverstein tatoos. How cool is that? Yeah, I know it's not Dr. Seuss, but they're both full of nonsense. And nonsense is the best sense of all!
*Of course, no Beezelnut Oil was used in the making of the popcorn.