Seuss-athon: The Cat in the Hat Rocks the Library!

Party #4 of our Seuss-athon! Woo-hoo! The La Pintoresca Branch of the Pasadena Public Library threw a fantabulous Dr. Seuss party under the direction of the wonderful Children's Librarian Mr. William, a.k.a. The Cat in the Hat.
Check out this amazing display he set up behind the information desk.

After a super spirited reading of his eponymous story, The Cat in the Hat engages us in a game of Seuss Jeopardy. "What is...Theodor Geisel!"

Next, we settle in for some vintage television Seuss. We can't get enough of that Sam-I-Am! Here he is in the 1973 "Green Eggs and Ham" adaptation from Dr. Seuss on the Loose.
Two die-hard Seuss fans create the most iconic hat to ever grace a head, feline or otherwise, perfect for having "good fun that is funny."
One more Seuss party to go. Onward ho!