Seuss-athon: Happy Birthday, Dr. Sweet Horse!

Day #3 of the Seuss-athon brought us to the Chatsworth Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. The Children's Librarian treated us to some of Dr. Seuss's more obscure works, including "What Was I Scared of?" from The Sneetches and Other Stories and "King Looie Katz" from I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories.

The latter tale is particularly well-suited for young activists-in-training. In his book, Dr. Seuss: American Icon, scholar Philip Nel states, "Zooie's 'I QUIT!' demonstrates how activists can promote democratic ideals by speaking out and standing up for their rights."
Kudos also to the Children's Librarian for making age-appropriate Seuss biographies available at the program! Yay!

What of the Dr. Sweet Horse reference? An obscure linguistic footnote in the marginalia of Seuss's life could include the fact that "süß" means "sweet" in German, and "sus" means "horse" in Hebrew.

Both words sound like "Seuss"-- hence, Dr. Süß Sus, or, Dr. Sweet Horse. (That's quite a tasty language treat for our die-hard Seuss fan to contemplate.

What's a Seuss party without an art activity? Here's next year's Halloween costume, perhaps?

This die-hard Seuss fan moves through the labyrinth of the "Good Doctor's" work, making nonsense of sense like any good disciple, because you're only absurd once!