Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! L.A.P.L. librarians Karla Valdez and Erica Silverman organized a fabulous Read Across America event at the Echo Park Branch Library today in honor of the "Good Doctor's" birthday.

Refer to the above photo for the names of volunteer author readers in attendance. An amazing crowd of kids turned out for the two-hour "Dr. Seuss Day" read-a-thon.
Author Ann Whitford Paul reads the book Little Monkey Says Goodnight, inspired by one of her sons.

Ann engages the audience. "Little monkey says goodnight!"

L.A.P.L. librarians Karla Valdez and Erica Silverman make sure everyone can see the pictures with extra copies of Little Monkey Says Goodnight.

L.A.P.L. librarian and author Erica Silverman reads her picture book, Big Pumpkin.

It takes a lot of strength to move the biggest pumpkin the witch has ever grown. Who will help her move it, so that she can make her yummy pumpkin pie?
I had a blast reading Jan Thomas's Can You Make a Scary Face?, even though I suffered a major shoe malfunction doing the chicken dance. More on that later, or maybe not (If anyone knows an excellent cobbler, send word my way:).