Librarypalooza: Happy Birthday to the James S. Thalman Chino Hills Branch Library!

Walking inadvertently into a library on its first birthday ranks high on the Registry of Auspicious Biblio Events (especially when it's your first visit ever to that library). Check out the cool birthday display that greets patrons as they enter. Go picture books!

I racked up my "library good fortune" points today after visiting the James S. Thalman Chino Hills Branch Library. Part of the San Bernardino County Library system, the Chino Hills Branch contains a fun children's room with a theme that could be described as "animals around the world." Assorted animals parade around a globe positioned above computer stations in the photo below.

Natural light floods the children's room through its many windows, some of which feature decorative etched glass and photo-realistic animal decals. This chimpanzee was very nice and well-behaved when I visited. He's hoping to get his own library card soon.

Ahh, to be a kid again and rock, roll, and recline in those amazing purple chairs. Of course, it takes two for best effect!

There are no shortage of meerkats in this library, which is a good thing. Every library needs at least three (they're great for finding mis-shelved books).
I'm sure this little guy knows the Huntington Beach Public Library meerkats, or at least he can meet them at this post over here. Come to think of it, if I fail at making a living writing books, I could always become a Library Meerkat Match-Maker. What a relief!

The Chino Hills Branch Library has lots of programming. Some activities include "Itsy Bitsy Baby," "Toddler Boot Camp," "Talewaggers," "Homework Helpers," "Story & Craft Time," "Movie Night," and "Mommy & Me Yoga."

What better way to end a visit to the library than a stroll along a burbling waterfall? Get a kid to this library today!