Inspired and Inspiring Writing Journals

In the vendor room of a recent children's literature conference, I happened upon Lynn Klopfer's repurposed book business, Brown Bag Books. Taking discarded books and "gutting them like fish," Lynn transforms them into wonderfully humorous, ironic, and whimsical writing journals. (They remind me of the literal "book bags" I've seen at the L.A. Central Library Store, made by Suzanne Keolker of Mugwump.)
I picked up the journal on the far left for my ship-loving hubby, and I grabbed the other two for myself. The Biography of a Buzzard reminded me of my dear ol' dad, and Breaking the Sound Barrier: A Phonics Handbook called to me like a bowler hat to Magritte.
Let's take a closer look. This journal begs me to rewrite the book. Here's one little thing I've written in it so far: "Ahhh," sighed the mannequin, "To be a man again."
I have high hopes that this journal will rocket me to the next quantum level in my quest to BREAK THE SOUND BARRIER!!! Stay tuned...