"52 Ways to Use Your Library Card" Challenge: #7 Miniature Golf Ball Marker

I neglected to mention in the previous post, that when you're biking home from the library, you can make a scheduled stop at your local miniature golf/Mongolian grill hang-out.

In the northern steppes of Los Angeles, for example, you can meet-up with your own Golden Horde at Golf 'n Grill. Bein' the library lovin' folk that you are, you'll definitely want to drop down your library card as a ball marker.
Even the koi in the nearby pond will stand up and take notice, especially if they see flashy colors. If there's a lot of red, a hummingbird might even dive down for a look.
On the outside chance there's a Genghis-spotting, just concede that he has the cooler library card. It's kind of a miniature-golf/Mongolian-grill-etiquette thing. Plus, he's known for being a bit ill-tempered at times. You can ask the 13th century Chinese about that one.

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