"52 Ways to Use Your Library Card" Challenge: #10 Hire Mr. Plumbean to Do an Extreme Home-Makeover

Taking the #13 spot on the ALA's "52 Ways to Use Your Library Card" list is: "Get new ideas for redecorating your house." With the combined forces of your library card and the imagination of Daniel Pinkwater, you could do wonders for your home.

Look no further than the picture book The Big Orange Splot. Inside is a wealth of home decorating ideas, all executed by design guru Mr. Plumbean (with a little assistance from a mysterious, paint-can-carrying seagull).

Incorporate some of these Plumbean design elements, and you can't go wrong:

*big orange splot
*little orange splots
*elephants and lions
*pretty girls and steam shovels
*clock tower
*palm trees, baobabs, thorn bushes, onions, and frangipani
*nice, tall glass of cool lemonade

And this is just for your home's exterior! I hold out hope that Mr. Plumbean will invite us all inside his amazing home someday-- Inside the Big Orange Splot, if you will.

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