Hoppy Easter!

Mission accomplished: no man or egg left behind! The Easter Bunny consulted with the grandparents on an extra-fun egg hunt/manhunt.
Each soldier had an egg to guard, but they were no match for our fearless special operations "Candy Commando." Witness the photo below. The "Candy Commando" sports blue and green striped shorts (some new faves by designer Paulina Quintana) to camouflage as a striped Easter egg. Those poor eggs couldn't see him comin'!

Special Ops makes preparations in Venice at the cool Tales & Toys free Easter egg dyeing event one week prior to mission launch. (By the way, if this store's amazing elephant logo doesn't pull you in, then the healthy picture book selection sure will!)

A new Eastertime tradition? Intensive egg-dyeing maneuvers call for some special rations. The "Candy Commando" happily marches his nom de guerre over to the Nom Nom Truck. We are all banh mi bunnies! Nom nom for Vietnamese street food!