Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Latest from Our Literary Laboratory...

Sudo Nimm has been busy trying to invent a math joke machine. Here are the latest results:

Where are geometry professors incarcerated?

-- Prism.

How did the geometry professor describe his totaled vehicle?

-- As a wrecktangle.

What do you call it when three geometry professors go fishing together?

-- A triangle.

How did the geometry professor advance from one-dimensional dancing to two-dimensional dancing?

-- He went from line dancing to square dancing.


Carrie Harris said...

Reminds me of a statistics prof I once had who opened every lecture with a joke about statistics or statisticians. The Far Side had quite a few of them, as I recall. Who'd have thought?

Candace Ryan said...

Hi Carrie,

I like to tell people that I'm a mathematician whose afraid of numbers, so I count on words instead.

craveVSworld said...

Great way to make math fun. Love it!

Candace Ryan said...

Thanks, Crave!!