A LAte ALA Posting: Who Won the Caldecart Medal?

Like many bibliophiles (those who love both meanings of biblio-- book and library), I made it to Anaheim for the 2008 ALA Annual Conference. By how late this post is, you'd have thought I walked all the way back.

Little did I know the main attraction of the ALA Annual Conference-- the book cart drill team finals. Check out this clip:

So, what I want to know is who won the Caldecart Medal? Which group of zany librarians raised the bar above Austin?

Unfortunately, I was in the midst of highly top-secret meetings with industry professionals while the competition took place. Either that, or I accidentally fell asleep in some quiet corner.

(Don't underestimate the sleep-inducing power of sleep deprivation combined with lugging an aardvark's weight in books and taking enough steps around the convention center to equal the number of ants said-aardvark consumes a day.)