The Book Wrote Itself!

Sudo Nimm's all excited because he took the above photo of our computer while I stepped away to reorganize my stamp collection. He's been seeking hard evidence against the demeaning notion of "artificial" intelligence for years now.

It all started with a crush he had on a one Miss Commodore 64K back in the day. But I promised not to bring that up again. [Excellent, but entirely too suggestive, pun removed to protect the innocent. Email me if you must know.] Anyway...

This photo has made me a nervous wreck. What if my agent, editor, and publisher learn the improbable, but still embarrassing truth, that my books "write themselves?"

Of course, they don't actually write themselves. It's really a precocious, if somewhat uppity, HP Pavilion VF17 monitor. She's nothing fancy, but boy can she turn an interesting tale or two. She's says if I'm good, she might split royalties with me 80/20.

Who writes your books?