Another Cause of Writer's Block

Disclaimer: This post is targeted at Luddite writers, or those who may occasionally use a writing implement for the sheer novelty of it.

We've talked about a physiological cause of writer's block in this previous post. What I'm concerned with today is an external and often overlooked cause, an overworked pen or pencil.

Have a look for yourself in the photo above. This was my poor pencil after spending 5 months revising an 800-word picture book. No, I don't need your sympathies, but you could sure as heck direct them to my poor pencil. Despite 10,000 mg of penicillin, this pencil's still illin'.

But I'm not giving up without trying alternative therapies. I'm exploring Thai massage, and if I have to take a second mortgage on the house, I might just send my pointed, little friend to a chichi sanatorium in the Swiss Alps.

I must act fast, though, as his lead grows more limp by the minute. If any of you have folk remedies or special cures, please comment away. Until then, I'll just be using my trusty ol' cassowary quill (please don't tell my pencil, he has a bit of an inferiority complex). Thanks.