by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Jennifer Yerkes
Kids Can Press, Toronto
ISBN: 978-1-5253-0015-8

In this clever book, a green lion is waiting at a red traffic light. While he waits, a series of unexpected events occur, involving such things as lightning, a lilac, library books and lima beans. Or rather, “li-ghtning,” “li-lac,” “li-brary books,” and “li-ma beans” because the text on each spread ends with “Red light, green li-,” and the reader must turn the page to see the whole word --- and what's happened. All the while, the lion calmly and helpfully deals with whatever shows up (even loading livestock into a lifeboat!) and wryly muses about the way life can be. 


“Funny, helpful, empathetic, accessible, and perfect for an interactive group read-aloud or quiet contemplation under the covers.”
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review, March 2019
“For a lighthearted, fun read-aloud, this is a great fit.”
— School Library Journal, June 2019