What Would You Ask Someone with Special Book Powers?

My son took these photos several months ago. We're both Gumby fans and follow the Way of the Clay. As you may or may not know, Gumby "can walk into any book with his pony pal, Pokey, too."

If Gumby can do that, then I'd put my money on him being able to do just about anything with books. So, if you could have a conversation with Gumby, like the one Mr. Author is having below, what would you ask him to do with his special book powers?

Here are some things I'd ask him:
Can you build me a castle made of books? In the library, though, instead of books on the bookshelves (themselves made of books, of course), can you put little toy castles?
Can you create a calendar that features a special book holiday everyday?
Can you popularize "book" as an adverb somehow? We already have it as a noun, verb, and adjective (book tour, bookish). Here's a possible adverbial usage: He moved bookly through the maze.
Thanks, Guru Gumby. Please give Pokey a clay sugar cube for me.