Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, RIBBIT RABBIT!

One salmon onigiri and Ramune coming up! Only the best for my book... (thanks Suehiro and Little Tokyo:-)

We communed with cormorants much of the day. Who knew they were such fans of kidlit? Yes, happy times on the L.A. River in the Year of the Rabbit!


craveVSworld said...

Congratulations on Ribbit Rabbit!!!

Salmon Onigiri is a party in my mouth, but I have yet to hop on the ramune bandwagon. A friend once gave me a bottle of questionable takoyaki ramune.

What is your favorite flavor?

Candace Ryan said...

There are different flavors?? Wow! I can't find a flavor name in English on my Ramune bottles, but it tastes kind of like bubble gum.

Don't think I'll be trying the takoyaki anytime soon. I really only love octopii as living creatures. Thanks for the warning.

Lucky you to be in Japan! I've got to settle for trips to Little Tokyo...